Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Town Like Alice

Start of a hobby.
My brother took out the novel A Town Like Alice from our library. I became over whelmed with emotions to see it after 12 years. It was in our course in Grade 8 in the Beaconhouse School System. It was the first English novel that I read. Its binding is still tight and pages are not dog-eared. It feels so good to see underlining which I did on some pages, and notes that I made on a couple of pages in my-then-and-still-bad handwriting.
This novel introduced me with the English language and the literature. I must confess that the novel didn’t make any sense to me because of poor vocabulary of 1998. It was not until our English teacher showed us the movie in the library that I got the storyline. I have stopped all my reading tasks to re-read the novel.
This novel is a history for me which started from being the most-poor student in English language in my class to a copy editor in an English daily.

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