Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My first day in the court

My first day in the court was better than my expectations. I wore uniform – dress pant, white shirt and black tie – in the morning and left home for the court along with my father and driver. I had worn dress pants after nine years and immediately developed liking for it.
Later it occurred to me that the chauffer-driven, air-conditioned car has contributed to my liking for it as facing dust and dirt on a motorbike while wearing this dress, could have evoked different feelings.

My dad introduced me to all senior lawyers and they welcome me into the profession. Proceedings in the court were a lot practical from what I had seen in law moots in the college.
A weak and pale judge was presiding the court I first went into. His appearance made me laugh and I had hard time to control it.
I failed to follow the court norms in which lawyers courtesies the judge, by once failing to stand when the judge arrived and many times forgetting to bow before him.
My today’s assignment was to shadow my dad in all courts and I did my job well. It was a busy day for dad and my aching toes at night also testified to this fact. You got to stand more and sit less in the local courts.

I learnt about an interesting love story. A widow filed an FIR against a man for allegedly raping her on one night and allegedly raping her daughter on the second night. I could not understand the man’s appetite at the first instance.
Later, it was revealed during the case proceedings that that the woman was having an illicit relationship with the man and when she pressed him to marry her, he refused. She had lodged the FIR against him and he secured his release from the jail by accepting her demand. Today I saw the man with the post-honeymoon matrimonial bliss on his face.

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