Sunday, March 25, 2012

Fakhra Yunus commits suicide

Like every girl in the red light districts across Pakistan, Fakhra Yunus was eager the leave the life of being a prostitute; and like every mother in the red light districts, Fakhra's mother was reluctant to let her daughter live the life of a housewife.
Unidentified daddy's girl!
Her mother must had seen many examples of girls leaving their generation-old profession and marrying rich, influential men to live the lives of housewives. The mother must have observed how these young nubile girls were battered, killed or just vanished from the earth by their in-laws. Many returned carrying the burden of several children which their husbands and their in-laws refused to recognise the girls as housewives.
Fakhra took a very bold decision against her family's wishes and married Bilal Khar, who later on poured acid on her face as she returned to her home in red area in 2000.
I don't know whether her mother was alive at that time of acid attack or not. However, one thing is sure, the mother must have told her daughter that she made a wrong decision.

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  1. she did in hope & hope is life .If she wanted to live sin free life & took a right decision then whats wrong? Now committing suicide she betrays hope