Monday, June 14, 2010

Incestuous gang rape: What makes court believe girl is liar?

Irum, the girl who accused her father and uncle of raping her, was doing it on behest of her mother Sakina Bibi. Sakina wanted a share in the property of her ex-husband, something which Islamic law don’t allow. Sakina in connivance with the political rivals of Banaras and Najeeb, lodged the fake FIR against the two cousins.

Irum, who claimed in the court to be a virgin, said in her evidence that she was raped two days prior to the registration of the FIR. However, her medical examination by a lady doctor suggested otherwise. Doctor Adeela Kanwal mentioned in her report that the girl was sexually active woman who kept poor personal hygiene. The doctor also said that hymen was missing and there were no recent healing signs around it which suggested that she had started her sexual life quite earlier than the date of the registration of the FIR and she had been having sex regularly.

No signs of violence were present on her neck, breasts and inner thighs. The doctor also reported that the girl had changed clothes and taken a bathe before coming for the medical examination. Law all across the world, requires rape victims to get examined without changing their clothes or taking bathe. Changing clothes and taking bathe often destroys vital evidence.

Irum also said in her evidence that she used to be raped in the house of her father. Najeeb’s house had no main gate; it comprises of two bedrooms and was shared by seven people, including the second wife of Najeeb, his blind mother and his 18-year-old daughter.

She was unable to give a valid answer as to why she did not try to get sympathies of the people living in the small house.

Irum failed to answer as why she did not run from the house which had no main gate.

She could not answer the question as why she did not raise hue and cry when the house was surrounded by other houses from all sides.

The defense counsel produced some love letters purportedly written by Irum to her boy friend Asim. The girl refused to own the letters. She was asked to write some words in the courtroom. Such was the similarity between writings that judge was compelled to give the ruling that even a naked eye can see they were written by the same person.

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