Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Loudspeaker, Attari Brothers & Co and helpless me

The Attari brothers are a true sample of 'Muslims' that evolved during the Zia regime i.e. religion with a decorative status and no effect. They are my neighbours in Lahore and keep doing stuff that shows the whole area that they are 'true' Muslims.
Their recent service to Islam was a Milad. I had sore throat today and mild temperature. I bed-rested the whole day and suffered due to Attari's service to Islam.
I did not go outside my apartment so what I'm going to narrate is based on my audible sense. There was a very loud sound system, suggesting a large crowd. Initially, some people with melodious voices did Naats. It was day and the volume was bearable, as it was suppressed by other sounds. As it turned dark, the speaker volume became very loud. What worsened the situation for me was that every children of Attari family and the rest of the street was given an opportunity to show the area how melodious his voice is.

Without any exaggeration, I could not understand what those kids were uttering before the mike. I tried to recognise the words but could not. Whistling breaths, shrills, and lisping interspersed some Urdu words, making no sense at all.

I tried to stuff tissue balls in my ears, hid my head below the pillow, inserted earphones of my mobile but nothing helped.

My alarm woke me up at 11pm, time to start preparing for the office (night shift). Now, a speaker was narrating the good qualities of the brothers.

I have very little interaction with Attari brothers. Here is their brief introduction. The two are bearded, apply Eitar on their clothes instead of perfumes, they have neem twigs in their front pockets, a rosary is always hanging in their hands, Yeh sub tumhara karm hai aaqa; Ke baat ab tuk bani howi hai written on the rear screen of their car, darood sharif sticker on the front screen, a religious book on the dashboard and their women take veil.

When I was giving my year 2 (LLB) examinations, I saw Attaris having a fight with their neighbours.

One of the brothers had love-married a neighbourhood girl. He later divorced her, saying she was corrupt.

They had a quarrel with the family of that woman. Attaris punched and kicked her brother who was protesting as why they were abusing her. Her ex-husband, Attari, told the whole street, which had become crowded then that how he "fucked and dumped" her. I left for my paper and didn't know what happened next.

Attaris have some sort of youth force containing all the jobless youths of nearby streets. They always come on the call of Attari brothers.

The speaker was telling how some peer-e-tariqat had changed their lives. He was saying, "Kashif Attari was a sinful person but is now a faithful person. He used to stand in the streets but is now a respectful person. He has become regular in his prayers ................."

I could not get any other objective of this whole exercise except the self praise. What shocked me when I came out that it was hardly a gathering of 20 people. Guess who : the two brothers and their unnamed youth force.

They all were standing and moving their arms in the air side-by-side while some one was doing the Naat.

Why I did not confront them or stopped them from causing this nuisance or called the police? I knew they will brand me as one who uttered some blasphemous words against the peer-e-tariqat or may be against the Holy Prophet (pbuh) and no one was going to save me from the wrath of their youth force.


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