Saturday, August 11, 2012

Time to change family doctor

My ailing family members have been visiting the clinic of a certain doctor in Jhelum for the last three decades. He gave a patience hearing to everyone and as a result his practice always thrived. We recommended him to many other people. Recently, a relative associated with income tax laws happened to see doctor’s tax statement and his assets.
The doctor owns expensive property in Jhelum’s posh area and owns a car which has been gifted to him by a pharmaceutical company. Having a large house is not a strange thing. Many people end up having very large houses, but the car from a pharmaceutical company is a disgrace. My family has stopped visiting the doctor after the car story unearthed. One of my siblings is a doctor. I knew that pharmaceutical companies often give doctors free samples, stationery and a little bit of refreshment whenever they market a new drug in hospitals, but where these treats culminate is quite shocking for me.

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