Monday, August 2, 2010

First, economy classes survive the airblue crash

The Capital Developoemnt Authority (CDA) has constructed a monument to remember the youth parliamentarians at the site where airblue flight crashed.
CDA Chairman Imtiaz Inayat Ali was shown on August 1, 2010, on various television channels, paying respect to the four members of the Youth Parliament who died in the plane crash. The TV channels also showed four large photographs of the deceased parliamentarians placed on an urgently constructed monument.
That’s Wrong has failed to understand that what prompted the CDA to construct the monument for these four people when a total of 152 people died in the crash, one the worst in Pakistan’s aviation history.
That’s Wrong believes that the over-efficiency of any government department is only possible when a senior bureaucrat is involved. That’s Wrong safely assumes that the four youth parliamentarions were either from bureaucrat families or were well connected with bureaucracy.
On the other hand, a memorial wall for all crash victims has yet to enter in the pipeline full with procedural red tape.


  1. I think CDA wants to mint some money as it will be quite difficult to carry out construction at the crash site. It is also an example of inhumanity that the govt and media focused on the crash on that unlucky day when flooding affected about 2.5 million people and killed over 2,000 in KP and GB. Such sort of acts fuels separatism . ..

  2. exactly..well described..another thing that shocked me was marking the hindu youth parliamentarian Prem Chand as c"kaafir" how extreemist n brutal word for the deceased who ws denied the right of belonging to a relegion despite his social work in sindh...u must have read it in the news words to describe this recless extreemist attitude....reason have failed me to guage the causes of such individual extreemism n so called "thekka" to take the rules n regulations in hand....will write u on such social attitudes in detail.......