Sunday, May 27, 2012

Beating loadshedding with style

Brass door bell: Style and utility
I recently visited the house of a family friend in Islamabad. The family had hung a brass bell outside their house. It was my first experience to use such a door bell. Ringing the door bell not only ensured that it rang irrespective of the availability of electricity, but it also burnt some stubborn calories that had remained even after climbing the three flights of stairs leading to that house.
Facing long power outages, many people have switched to door bells powered by electric cells, which need periodic replacement. The brass door bell is a trendy thing to have in all the times. It will be a good utility in times of power outages and an ageless classic in other times. The only down side is that it’s a temptation for everyone - especially school children - passing by your house. The couple lives on the last floor of the building therefore they were saved from the temptations of people.

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