Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Double barrel shotgun is the ultimate field gun

A hunting field is a different challenge to a shotgun than a trap or skeet range. In clay bird shooting, you will take you shotgun in a soft bag, the range staff will take your gun out of the box before the shooting. You shoot a good number of shots and ask about other people about the recoil of their guns. When you are done, you place your gun on a table lying nearby which has a smooth platform to prevent any scratches on the gun finish. The range staff comes and cleans your gun with WD-40 before putting it back in the gun carry bag. The staff carefully removes your 3000 PKR fiber optic sight and puts it in some side pocket. You place your bag in the car’s back seat and drive home.
In a hunting field, you have to walk a long distance. You realize that walking along the gun makes you breathless. You have to put the gun on soil many times to retrieve the game. Sometimes you place the gun with its stock on the ground and barrel supported against a tree trunk. The barrel slips and the gun falls on the ground, adding a couple of scratches on the wood. Field is very hostile environment. A field gun should always be less vulnerable to elements in the field. Your fiber optic bead becomes too much of a hassle than a utility in the field. You will either loose it in the field or break it.
A field gun should be light weight. Your Baikal MP 153, weighing around 4 K.G. with magazine extender becomes too heavy for your shoulders and arms. You envy other hunters who are carrying feather light double barrel guns. In short, Baikal MP 153 is not a field gun. Its good for water fowling or upland hunting with decoys but certainly a no no when you have to walk a long distance in the field.

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