Sunday, September 22, 2013

Finding the rented house

I wanted to make an ideal house but my wish just died after I saw many beautiful, ideal and spacious houses available on rent in Rawalpindi's Gulraiz and Bahria Town housing societies. Why save for your whole life and spend millions on a house which you won't use for more than two decades. When such a house can be rented for a few thousands, then why burden yourself with such a costly dream.

Just find a property dealer, see all the houses available for rent. Select the one which suits your needs. Negotiating the rent is a fun part. I enlighten the mind of the property dealer with an offer that I will pay him extra commission if he brings the rent down. This has always worked for me.


  1. We Pakistanis as a nation are obsessed with the dream of owning a house. We will kill ourselves, look for all sorts of legal and illegal means to make money, destroy our family lives just for making one house. I always wonder if its worth it?

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