Saturday, November 5, 2011

What's wrong with journalists discrediting Imran Khan

A certain section of the media has started giving negative coverage to Imran Khan's political rally in Lahore. All sorts of comments - ranging from Imran Khan being a novice in "real politics" of Pakistan to his too much belief in himself - have been given in various opinion pieces. Veteran journalist Najam Sethi in his recent article in The Friday Times has questioned Imran Khan's political prospects.
Before the Lahore rally, Najam Sethi and many other journalist like him never considered Imran Khan a serious political force. Sethi, although very good in analysing Pakistan's social and political atmosphere, failed to foresee Khan's popularity. In many of his television shows, Sethi has declared the PML-N the only political force in central Punjab and ruled out any future prospects for Imran Khan. Other journalists also shared this view.
However, the PTI's Lahore rally on October 30, 2011, negated all prevailing opinions about Khan's popularity and embarrassed the opinion makers. This negative media coverage is nothing except you-are-right-but-I-am-also-correct approach.

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