Saturday, November 19, 2011

Saving money and losing life

Two young men were lying on the road. Their motorbike was also lying nearby. Apparently the boys tried to make a u-turn from an unauthorized place and were hit by a speeding vehicle. I reached at the spot seconds after the accident. One passerby was jump-crossing the divider to give first-aid. One of the accident victims was lying on the road with his arms and feet tensed as if he is still driving the motorbike. When the passerby lifted him, a thick dark reddish jelly like substance (the brain matter) was dripping from his head and had pooled on the ground. The guy had died even before knowing the cause of his death. His brain was dead before it could send any signal to his muscles. The other victim was also lying senseless. That was the most tragic road scene I have ever witnessed. I was  on my way to Lahore from Jhelum to appear in a personal case.

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