Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My client gets two bullet shots for saying no

Uzma engaged me her counsel on Monday. She is in jail. She has allegedly killed her husband, inconnivance with her alleged paramour Tasawar. The family of her murdered husband wanted her to give her evidence against Tasawar.
The murder case is a weak case for the prosecution because of the weak circumstantial evidence and the non-recovery of the dead body of Uzma's husband.
A shadowy compromise was reached between Uzma and her in-laws, wherein she was to be released on bail. Suddenly it occured to her that her in-laws might harm her if she did not give in to their demand. This is where she engaged me her counsel. I petitioned the court to call her from jail and let her decide with whom and how she wants to come out of jail. I also mentioned in the petition that her life is in danger. It was agreed that the petition would be a secret between me and Uzma and some of her friends.
I reached the court on Tuesday. I was to meet her before the hearing to brief her about her case.
The police official who was to bring her along, brought her in the car of her in-laws. Her murdered husband’s cousin was also sitting with her. On their way to the court, a brawl took place in the car wherein the cousin pressed her to give evidence in their favour. She refused. The cousin, who was likely to have the knowledge of her latest petition, snatched the official handgun of the police official and shot her twice: once in her hand and second in her abdomen.
I was waiting for her outside the court when the vehicle entered with a fainted person on the back seat. She was taken to the hospital where she survived. Her cousin was arrested at the spot.
Now check the behaviour of the police official. He let her sit with her enemies in their car and was negligent about the safe keeping his gun. 

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  1. i dont think wat u r saying is true man i dont think so whos is enemies i think taswar malik her killed the uzma husband how the fuck u r saying that the guy who has died that his cusin is enemie i wonder why u people r lying go and read the case and then put this shit report on net wat i think taswar malik should be hung wat he has down is wrong