Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Why government should not help actors during hardtimes

  1. Because they never performed for free. If they did perform free at any time of their life, it was when they were trying to break in the industry. When they become famous, they charged like famous actors. 
  2. Because the people always have to pay for the ticket to their shows. 
  3. Because they earned quite a large sums of money during their life. 
  4. Because they were not frugal and spent the money on their pleasures. 
  5. Because the government is poor. 
  6. Because every person in Pakistan has to earn his living and the government does not support him during hard times. 
We all know how much Rahat Fateh Ali Khan charges for one performance and how much tax he pays. He is not in the list of tax payers in Pakistan. Let’s go in the future. Our kids are likely to see Rahat dying penniless. The government would be expected to help him. Would he deserve the government’s support when he had earned and wasted millions during his life.


  1. The government should help them because they represent Pakistan wherever they go across the globe. So, in a way, they are unofficial ambassadors of Pakistan.
    And also when the government is ready to shower billions on billionaire, failed and shameless cricketers, why it cannot spend some money on a penniless actor. Do you think the cricketers play free of cost???
    There are thousands of other examples.