Wednesday, March 5, 2014

My friend from Pakistan Law House Islamabad

Muhammad Shahnaz Abbasi has been working as a salesman for the last 25 years with Pakistan Law House –a book shop dealing exclusively in law books in Islamabad’s Blue Area. He stocks and sells books published by Indian authors. No other country has produced as wonderful authors in law and medicine as India has.
My friendship with Abbasi spans over more than two years. Whenever I am feeling very rich and in the mood of spoiling myself, I visit his book shop. I return empty pocketed, carrying many books.
Abbasi can get you any law book published anywhere in the world instantly. The bargaining in his shop is impossible because what he stocks and sells, no one else does.
He has witnessed the rise of almost all the leading lawyers in Pakistan. He can even tell the chronology of their success. Leading lawyers owe their libraries to Abbasi’s shop.
Abbasi tells his regular customers that which book is bought by which lawyer or which lawyer has ordered which book. If you are his friend, he will tell you the library secrets of all famous lawyers.
His most regular customer is Hafeezuddin Pirzada. According to Abbasi, the shopping bill of 90-year-old leading lawyer always crosses the Rs 150,000/- mark.
My trip to his shop becomes necessary after his telephone call to inform me ‘sir India say naya maal a gya hai’ (new stuff has arrived from India).


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