Monday, April 18, 2011

Family with no natural death and a lot of concubines.

None of the male members of this family has died naturally. No male member of the family married any girl legitimately. Concubines, runaway brides and abducted women have mothered the children of this family. When one brother dies, his wife is taken by other brother. The wife of the elder-most brother has to sleep with all the brothers of her late husband, untill they all die.
This is the story of a family where poverty, ignorance and brutality go hand in hand. All the male members have been either brutally murdered or waiting in death cells for their appeals to be heard by superior courts.
Their grandfather killed seven of a family after the family had told him not to make passes on their girl. He was awarded death sentence by a martial law court. The high court released him after it found serious flaws in his case. The grandfather was also murdered by some unidentified people. His sons also murdered people over women and they were also murdered in return.
Weddings never took place in this family. All the women are either concubines, keeps, are abducted or are developed illicit relations with.
PS: These shocking details have emerged from an old, dusty and bulky file from our office’s archives. More details were given by our paralegal clerk, who has an elephant’s memory.

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