Friday, April 29, 2011

Benefits of reading newspaper

1. Newspapers are an excellent way of saving your table from the dripping gun solvent.
2. You can clean glass windows and mirrors really well with newspaper.
3. Newspaper can help you lower your cholestrol level. Just place it below any greasy food and the paper will soak most of the oil.
4. Its a cheap alternative to disposable kitchen towels.
5. You can cutout pictures of your favourite actresses and paste those cutouts in your room.
6. You can learn to paint moustaches on the pictures of actresses in the newspaper.
7. Tear apart as many pages of newspaper as you can, affectively managing your anger.
8. You can teach your children to make life size paper boats and aeroplanes.
9. You can wrap bar-b-que in newspaper and control the humidity.
10. The quickest way to make fire as nothing burns more fast than the newspaper.
11. You can kill flies with it.
12. Wrap anything filthy with a newspaper and throw it in dustbin.
13. They can be stuffed in leather shoes to preserve shape.


  1. Mr Gondal - you always try to show that you are against the media - I dont know why? but I have a simple question that why you joined the media if you were against this profession?

    Man - be possitive - no profession is wrong - you were studying here in Lahore and you got a chance to work with media - after completing your education you left the media with these words - which I dont like, and I am considering your comments as irritating...

    Media is a profession same like other professions - it is not good that you worked in different media houses - like The Sun, Daily Times and also Express24/7 - and you still have bad comments about media organisations - I think you were treated very humbally in all these

    Anyhow - please avoid such comments about media

  2. This is me - MuhsenTurk, and above mentioned comment is mine, sorry cannot mention my name at the end of the comment.

  3. I am, in no way, qualified to comment on media, but I am not happy with the state of affairs prevailing especially in the Pakistani media. I have never called media a bad profession, but at the same time being a prospective consumer of the media, I have a right to criticize directly or with satire about faults in the industry.