Thursday, April 28, 2011

Of creative policeman

My senior is defending an accused of a murder case. I assisted my senior during the whole trial. The accused has  no connection with the murder. My senior's killer cross-examination, made the police investigation officer sweat in the court. The judge expressed his annoyance at the investigation officer, for making blunders.
The police file was a book of jokes and its author (the investigation officer) acted like a clown in the court.
I was thinking that creativity should not be among the skills of  a Pakistani police official. As long as police will try to be creative, it is bound to falsely involve innocent people in criminal cases.
In another creative attempt by the police, a person riding on a motorcycle was stopped by the police. The rider stopped the bike near the police picket and told the police that he has committed a murder with the pistol in his pocket. Apparently, he told this to police without even being asked for. This story of the police is bound to give laughter fits to all judges from the trial court to the Supreme Court, who would hear the case. 

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