Thursday, May 20, 2010

Incestuous gang rape: Blog visitors give mix reactions

I have been getting feedback by blog visitors on the incestuous gang rape. I have decided to post the comments as well so that we can gauge people’s reaction to the crime.

Syed Hussnain Haider: These criminals should be punished according to law but only if they are found guilty. Now, I am only thinking about the sudden shock faced by Banaras when he was suddenly blamed in the police station with several people hearing the mother.

Ali Hamdani:
I believe two categories should have the worst punishment. The terrorist and the criminals such as this, who disgrace women and leave a mark on the rest of nation. They must be trialed and given the severest of the punishments.

Amna Zaman: 
So the Taliban who claim to be the guardians of Islam. Where are they? In this case the Punjabi Taliban? Don’t they see all this or are they too busy doing the same!!

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