Thursday, May 20, 2010

Incestuous gang rape: What do the culprits do?

Below is brief profiles of the people accused of committing incestuous gang rape.  Irum has accused her father Najeeb and her uncle Banaras of raping her.

Daughter ‘rapist’ is poor shopkeeper 

Najeeb had been running a small grocery shop in the village Nakodar, near Mangla Cantonment. He had re-married after divorcing his first wife Sakina Bibi. He fathered four children from his second wife. Najeeb’s small store was not sufficient to meet the needs of his family. His mother, who was vision impaired due to old age, also lived in the house. The old woman died after her son was arrested.
The family shared a house having two bedrooms, one storeroom, one kitchen and one toilet. The meager finances of the family never allowed them to install the main gate of the house. Being surrounded by the other houses from all the sides and being located in the middle of the village, gave the family enough sense of security to live without the main gate – otherwise a necessity for the insecure times we are living in.

Second accused in popular general councilor 
The second accused of the incestuous gang rape is a general councilor. He is very popular in his area. His only daughter is married and lives in the United Kingdom. He has a very large social circle. He has contested four elections and lost only one. He defeated a rival family twice. Banaras lost the last local government elections as he was a candidate of the PML-Q which had a very poor ranking. No criminal proceedings were ever initiated against him. People of his area trusted him and happily appointed him as arbitrator to settle their disputes. Banaras remained in various cities after the FIR was lodged against him to avoid getting arrested.

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