Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Incestuous gang rape: Daughter lodges FIR against dad

Contents of the application given by Irum for the lodging of the FIR.

"To SHO Mangla Cantt Jhelum,


My dad, Najeebur Rehman, was married to my mother Sakina Bibi. He divorced my mother 10 years ago. My mother had brought me up. Six months ago, my dad had brought me back to his house. He started making indecent passes on me after some time. He started forcing me to have sex with him. Banaras also started raping me. They refused to lisent my requests to let me go. On 11-09-2008, my dad and his cousin had sex with me. I fled from my dad’s house and went to my mother on 12-09-2008. I told her my ordeal. Action be taken against the two beasts."

To be continued....

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  1. So the Taliban who claim to be the guardians of Islam. Where are they? In this case the Punjabi Taliban? Don’t they see all this or are they too busy doing the same!!