Friday, January 1, 2010

Stray bullet worries couple

My dad’s colleague (Huma) telephoned him today. She was very worried and afraid as, according to her, someone had tried to kill her husband Amir.
She said that her husband wanted to talk to my dad. Amir came on the line, telling my dad that some one had attempted to murder him. I was driving the car. The mention of murder attempt alerted me as we have family relations with the couple and they seemed to have no enmity.
When my dad asked for the details, Amir told him that he had found a bullet lodged in his car’s roof, and that he wanted to register an FIR against unidentified assassins.
My dad told Amir that he would help him register the FIR. Meanwhile, my dad had told me about the bullet hitting the car scenario.
It struck my mind that it might be a stray bullet falling from the sky after aerial firing – a practice which is rampant in Pakistan. Most people are unaware that falling bullets are as detrimental as being fired from the gun.
I called Amir and told him that it’s a falling bullet. I also told him that a falling bullet has a velocity of 600 ft/sec and it can kill a person. I gave him examples of how innocent people sleeping on their rooftops are killed in summer due to the falling bullets.
He was quite relieved after knowing the reality. He is a smart guy with inquisitive approach, and immediately asked me that why the bullet has made the entry at 60 degrees. I informed him that the falling bullet does not rotate around its axis and that’s why it makes a bigger hole than its diameter in the target.
I was happy to have removed the fear from the couple’s life who are proud parents of three school going daughters.

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