Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Cunning Cop

Constable Raja Masood works in the Jhelum Traffic Police. He has served in the Islamabad Airport Security Force for 11 years.

One day his SP in Islamabad “ordered him to do a favour”. Senior police officials seek favours from their subordinates in a commanding manner.
The SP’s mother wanted to give a black goat (Kala Buqra) in sudqa. The SP conveyed his mother’s wish to Raja Masood, wanting the constable to buy the goat and present it to his mother for sacrifice.

Raja went to an animal market and asked for the price of a well-fed black goat. He was quoted price Rs 24,000. Raja felt sweat on his forehead as the price was 8 times his meager salary. He was new in the force and was not familiar with bribes.

An idea struck his mind. He asked the seller to allow him to show the goat to the boss, which the seller allowed after a little hesitation.

Raja took the buqra in a Suzuki pickup to SP’s house. The SP’s mother came out and patted the goat, giving it her blessings (I guess), and asked the constable to take it to a madrassa so that poor students can have a feast.

Raja, who felt so relieved on this order, loaded the buqra in the pickup and took it back to the animal market.
He returned the goat to the seller, saying his boss did not like it. The ‘sadqa’ cost him only Rs 400 (pickup’s fare).

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