Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Poor son of rich dad

I have two cars at my disposal. I live in a spacious house with a large lawn and a personal gym. Four domestic servants are always there to assist me. I have a motorbike to enjoy early Sunday morning rides.
I have access to my dad’s bank account and can spend thousands on my pursuits from it. My room is well furnished and it has a television and a computer.
But contentment or satisfaction has deserted my life. Never before in my life, have I experienced such hard times. None of the above-mentioned amenities are my own.
I am 26-years old, but I am dependent on my parents like a toddler. I cannot rent a room. I cannot fuel the cars. I have no source to pay for my telephone bills. I don’t have even a single penny to buy a square meal.
My life is at a standstill. Bygone days are bygone, and there is no hope of getting financial independence in the near future.
Spending my father’s money feels like robbing the share of my younger siblings. It feels worse than begging. Even a beggar earns his money whereas I am a parasite feeding on my parents.
I don’t feel like spending my parents’ money on myself anymore. My mother giving me a couple of thousands after every second week seems as if she is giving me alms.
Irony is that I cannot somehow convey my feelings to my parents. I once attempted, but it backfired. My parents thought that I was complaining about the ‘meagerness’ of my pocket money. My father put his hand in his pocket and clutched some thousands and shoved them in my pocket. I left the room and later placed the money in the vault, feeling more guilty.
All my friends and colleague believe that I am living a very comfortable life, but they cannot feel the problems of a poor son of a rich dad.


  1. Beta tujhe izzar raas nahi aa rahi . . . I am financially 'independent' but I am too a poor guy. I am a 'rich son' of a 'poor' but staisfied father. I do spent my own earned money but have to think about the way to spend my money. I work like overloaded donkeys but my bosses - those sucking paracites who get more salaries than us and just sit in office to google boobs and hips of our helpless but chotia colleagues - tell us 'how to do work'. My brother you are lucky that you know that your future is secure and you will soon be an independent person financially and mentally. But the case is not same here, I will be financially independent all the time but not mentally. So enjoy your life and always try to be happy. - Saqib Riaz

  2. You are lucky, there's no denying that. So there's no point whining about the whole thing.

    Plus it's a recession anyway and people all over the world are being forced back towards their parents. You're just another one of that lot and with a few years experience as a lawyer -- you'll get the independence.

    So for now it'd be better if you just kept quiet.