Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Morality of Pakistani ruling class

The Supreme Court has successfully recovered the money of the Bank of Punjab from the owners of the Harris Steel Mills (HSM). There has been no previous precedent of any court recovering such a large amount of people’s money.

In an ordinary and just society, this case should have been a trifle for the courts, but for the Pakistani judiciary it was a gigantic task considering the number of legal wizards helping the HSM owners.

Former Advocate General Malik Qayyum, top constitutional lawyer Sharifuddin Pirzada, Senator Babar Awan, Ali Wasim (son of Senator Wasim Sajjad), journalist Mohsin Naqvi took millions of rupees from the HSM owners on the pretext of brokering a deal between the mill owners and the judges who were hearing the case.

The standard of honesty and morality of the above mentioned people had made it very tough for the courts to decide the case, but the judiciary succeeded.

Name Amount received Status

Ali Wasim Rs 7.5 million Bribe
Mohsin Naqvi Rs 3.5 million Bribe
Malik Qayyum Rs 3.5 million + 300,000 UAE dirhams Bribe
Pirzada Rs 10 million Bribe
Babar Awan Rs 50 million + 50,000 UAE dirhams Bribe

The above mentioned figures are as given by Sheikh Afzal, HSM owners, in his confessional statement to the NAB Punjab.

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