Sunday, August 30, 2009

I'm off for 3 weeks.

I will be busy with my law exams and therefore won't be blogging. Hope to see my keyboard after exams, and from Jhelum. Till then, good bye.

Things on my mind (priority-wise)
  • Nigella Lawson.
  • Passing exams.
  • Financing my overt and covert wishes with my last pay.
  • Adjusting myself to become Gondal Sahib's assistant.
  • Shifting stuff to Jhelum and adjusting to its slow life.
  • Missing all curvaceous girls and cougars I have met in Lahore.
  • Giving some of my stash to the well-fed-Ethiopian aka Juny as he always asks for it with a puppy-face look.


  1. so his highness will b back to royal life....
    Good Luck for Exams n a Focussed Serene Future Life

  2. interesting facts on....

    what a man attracted to
    older partner is called...hmmmm a panther ?