Thursday, August 27, 2009

A farewell delayed.

Time to say good bye to express is approaching and I have bagged a lot of good memories and good friends.

Senior Producer Rehan Piracha and my colleague and best friend Saqib Riaz planned a farewell party for me tonight. I accepted it but later told them that it will not be possible for me to attend it as the party would remain from midnight to early morning.

Rehan Bhai (we call him Bhai (brother) for his friendly attitude towards subordinates) expects his guests to have appetizer on the press club hill, drinks in the lawn and dinner from a restaurant some 10km away. Besides tasty food, nice drinks, he also invites some of his intellectual colleagues, who have funny take on everything Pakistan.

Upon my request, they both have delayed the farewell after my exams which will end on September 14.

These are my final exams. The success of my past 6 years depends on them. I won’t say I worked hard but I learnt a lot during this time. This time has witnessed many ups and downs of my life. Everything from depressing days to joyous moments of my life are contained in these six years. I am hoping to do good in them, but, like anyone familiar with the Punjab University examination, I have fears.

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