Monday, October 19, 2015

Why can’t Punjab Police beat London Police

The London police aka the Scotland Yard came into being 186 years ago. It started its work under The London Metropolitan Police Act, 1829. There were no computers, forensics, modern equipment and criminologist at that time, but London police remained committed to effective policing from its inception.
The Metropolitan Police headquarters is located in a compound which once housed Scottish royalty. Hence, the name Scotland Yard.
The British wanted the London police to be the best. Before raising the force, they listed principles which would govern the police. They envisioned that the police must be stable, efficient and organized along military lines. It must be under the government control. No indicator can determine the efficiency of police except the absence of crime. Distribution of crime news among police force was made essential.
Control on one’s temper was declared to be an indispensible quality for the police officers. The lawmakers believed that a quiet determined manner had more effect than a violent action.
The uniform was designed keeping in mind that good appearance commands respect. For the safety and security of the public, every police officer must be given a number prominently displayed on his uniform. The police headquarters must be easily accessible to the people.
To ensure quality policing, it was decided to hire the staff on probation.
Checks on the police were so strict that there were 5,000 dismissals and 6,000 forced resignations from the force during the first three years of its operation.
The Punjab Police Rules 1934, govern the police in Punjab. These rules lack everything what the Metropolitan Police possesses. Since 1934, there were a handful of dismissals and a few forced resignation. The police is still used as a personal force. Hundreds of its staff still guard the houses of wives of Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif. Half of the force is on VIP duty at any time.
The policing services are available for anyone with the money. You want the police to patrol your area, you have to pay them. You want the police not to patrol your area, you have to pay them.
 There is no discipline in the force. Members are often found harbouring criminals and facilitating mafias. The investigation is corrupt to its core. Investigator demands bribe from the complainant of the case to strengthen his case; and obtains favours from the accused to leave loop holes in the case for him. Things are so organized that bribe is divided among various ranks with professional zeal. Police officers are posted to various police stations with an undertaking that they would provide a specific sum of money every month to higher authority.

KPK police is undergoing a change. Ever since the PTI came into being, there has been 5,000 dismissals from the police force. Nothing disciplines a force better than dismissals. 

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