Monday, October 19, 2015

Why mujay must mahool mai jeenay day would ensure less drug abuse

America imposed prohibition (ban on sale of alcoholic drinks) with a national zeal in year         .The law makers thought that it would purge the society of ills of drunkenness but they were surprised to find mafias mushrooming in the country. Law and order worsened to the extent that dozens would be killed in liquor related ‘crimes’. What had been an ordinary business turned into lucrative smuggling. America tried its best to enforce prohibition, but kept on failing before powerful cartels and mafia families.
The law makers had realized that it was their mistake banning alcohol in the country. What had had remained a food commodity for centuries, they had made a drug out of it and created mafias and criminal gangs in the country. In the year 1933, the US had had enough of the prohibition, the law makers brought in the 18th constitutional amendment which ended the ban on alcohol. The prices of liquor fell overnight. All the liquor-related smuggling issues vanished, giving rise to another interesting phenomenon.  
When the former bootleggers and criminals had no way to make money, they turned to bank robberies and kidnappings. America witnessed a surge in these crimes.
Recently, many countries in the world are removing marijuana from the list of banned intoxicants. The results have been encouraging. Their trade is regularized, which gives the government a fair idea of number of drug users and the amount consumed by them. Statistics have been analyzing the data to formulate future government policies to reduce its consumption.

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