Monday, October 27, 2014

Book review: Pakistan From Hash to Heroin

I have never seen a brilliant book supported by facts and statistics by any Pakistani writer. Ikramul Haq's Pakistan From Hash to Heroine is the exception. As suggested by its name, the book is about the advent of narcotics in Pakistan. There is no aspect of the drug trade that this
book has not explained. 
The book is supported by real life incidents, newspaper reports, studies conducted by the writer in universities and drug rehabilitation centers.
The chapters I enjoyed the most were the ones which dealt with the affect of drug on human behaviour, involvement of higher government officials (such as General Zia) in protecting the drug cartels, the amount of profits in it and the social causes which forces youth into the drug abuse. The writer has blamed Zia and his Islamic laws for the rise in drug abuse. The price of hash increased from Rs 1500 to Rs 9000 per kilogram on the first day of the banning of alcohol and hashish by the Zia regime. Must read.

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