Monday, December 29, 2014

The BIOS on this system is not ACPI compliant

Chances are that you are reading this post, after your Dell Inspiron laptop has wrecked your life. The annoying blue screen pops up after every time you turn on the computer. It will remain there, no matter how many times you install and re-install the windows. I formatted the computer many times, and installed all versions of the windows but the problem persisted. Here is how I solved the issue.

Is your BIOS running updated driver?
If not, update your BIOS driver.

Run a Windows 7 installation DVD in your laptop and boot from it. When it runs it will ask you to whether you want to install a new window or repaid the old one. Please select repair window option.

A system recovery box will appear. Please select Command Prompt option (usually the last option on the system recovery box).

In command prompt run the following commands one by one.
1: bootrec /FixBoot 
2: bootrec /ScanOs 
3: bootrec /RebuildBcd 
The problem will be solved. 
Here is the link for the detailed process.

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  1. All those years at FAST haven't gone waste. Although you still haven't told me about the buxom babe (PLEASE!!!) you used to ogle at. You are now a Lawyer and techie, rolled in to one.