Thursday, September 4, 2014

Siyani Bandook (wise gun)

I went to a remote village in Jhelum district to inspect a piece of land under a legal dispute. I took rough notes of the land and also made some pictures with the digital camera. My client then took me to the nearby house of his uncle for a cup of tea.It was a very clean house. I was seated in the drawing room.
The drawing room in any Punjabi village is a large rectangular room, housing sofas, cots with hand-embroidered sheets, dinning table and occasionally a double bed. This room serves as drawing room, dinning room and guest room. One door of this room opens in the street, which sometimes make this room a love nest for village couple. A girl, wishing to see her boy friend at night, discreetly leaves the locks open. The boy, after ensuring that girl's parents, have gone to sleep, comes in the room through the door in the street, makes love and leaves stealthily.
The couple's biggest enemy is not their parents but the girl's nosy neighbors, who raise hue and cry after the boy has gone inside, forcing the girl to allege rape on her boy friend.
The drawing room also had an old rusty single barrel shotgun. I asked the owner of the house to show it to me. It was manufactured by the famous shotgun maker Sikander. Sikander guns were and still very popular among villagers in Pakistan.
The owner, Fazal Kareem (name changed), had named the gun as Siyani Bandook (wise gun). The interesting name had an intersting story. Fazl's son Raheem quarreled with a boy during a football match in the village. The boy slapped him in the presence of many villagers. Humiliated Raheem rushed to his house, loaded a cartrdge in the gun and ran towards the football field raging with anger.
Upon reaching the ground, he singled out the boy who had earlier slapped him, pointed the gun on his chest. The boy and other people in the crowd were terrified to see a gun in an otherwise normal dispute.
Raheem pulled the trigger, the gun made a tick sound instead of a bang. The cartrdige didn't fire. Some people in the crowd caught hold of Raheem and snatched the gun from him. He was again given a good beating by the same boy. He was later handed over to the police along with the gun.
Raheem's father went to police station with money in his pocket. The police inspector expected that he would ask the police to let his son go scott free. To the contrary, Fazl asked the police inspector to return him the gun and implant another one on his accused son. The police inspector was surprised. Fazl told him that he had filed the hammer of the gun years ago in order to prevent it from being used in events of grave and sudden provocation. He had kept the gun's working condition a secret.. The gun taught his son a good lesson. The inspector gave him the gun and he named it Siyani Bandook.



  1. Loved the story. And you dirty sod, you really do know how to make any story interesting! LOL

  2. :) I am planning to write about some of the cases involving village drawing room.

    1. Only if you are the central character! And please don't use legal language. Love you Blog man, superb writing :-)

    2. I will let my litcool write my role in that post:) Thank you for appreciating it.