Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Potting the piss challenge

Once there was a very tall person elected as secretary of Rawalpindi High Court Bar Association. Everything about him was tall. He had a high-roof car, tall cabinets, high false ceiling, high table and chair and a tall bed (length wise). His ambitions were also tall like his friends (not friends’).
Giant's toilet.

He noted the inadequacy of facilities in the toilet and decided to install urinals for lawyers. He summoned a civil engineer, instructing him to install the urinals on the premises. The secretary leaned towards the wall, touched his groins with the wall and marked a cross over that area (on the wall and not on the groins). The engineer was directed to install the urinals at parallel to the level of the cross.
Next day lawyers were excited to see toilet having more facilities. The happiness was short lived. Almost all the lawyers were unable to use the urinals. Despite all the pressure exerted by their bladders, they were unable to pot the piss. Senior lawyers who were short in height were more embarrassed. The secretary realized his mistake and directed the engineer to lower the urinals four inches. Next day lawyers were again unable to see their urine disappearing in the sewerage holes of urinals. The secretary put wooden platforms before the urinals so that the lawyers can stand on them. And lawyers peed happily ever after.


  1. You solicitors must be aiming a little too high or low :-)

  2. Solicitor points and shoots unlike aiming and shooting:)