Thursday, August 21, 2014

I before E, except after c.

My spellings are fairly good but when it comes to words like deceive, receipt, conceive, believe, fierce; I become confused whether its ie or ei in the words.
Watching an episode of Mind Your Language, the following phrase caught my attention.
I before E, except after C. This is the rule for spelling words which have ee sound in them such as deceive, receipt, conceive, believe, fierce.
The rule is very simple. Its always ie (believe, fierce, collie, die, friend) in those words, but if there is a c in the word, its ei (deceive, ceiling, receipt).


  1. 1. "Mind you language" is my favorite comedy show and the voluptuous Fran├žoise Pascal my sweetheart of childhood/early teen days.
    2. Thanks, I also always confused these words.
    3. Bless you. :-)

  2. I never knew that such a rule existed. There is not age limit for learning. I am happy to learn it:)
    She is a bombshell.