Thursday, May 8, 2014

To my friends in ISI

Every intelligence agency in the world has to do dirty jobs. A good intelligence agency is the one which does the dirty job without leaving any footprint. A good intelligence agency is continuously evolving and improving itself. Good intelligence agencies have large research and analysis departments. A good intelligence agency is key to any country’s internal and external security.
Our over-rated I.S.I. lacks everything. It has never been able to do anything discreetly. It has been exposed so many times that it should not be called a secret or spy agency. From meddling into political affairs to teaching lessons to journalists, it has been caught red handed many times.
The information gathering in the agency seems to be so poor that it had miserably let down the army in the war on terror. Be it attacks on army and air force bases, attack on GHQ, en masse abduction and slaughtering of our troops; the agency has shamefully failed to foil any such attempt.
The level of discipline has deteriorated beyond improvement. The staff is found intervening in the personal life of citizens and settling their own disputes. The agency encountered a shameful incident during Musharraf’s rule. Kids from two families had a pretty quarrel. One family head was working in an intelligence agency. The papa wanted to teach a lesson to the kids who quarreled with his children. He sent his junior staff who abducted the children and their mother and brought them to a safe house. The abducted mother and children later turned out to be the family members of a retired army brigadier.
President Musharraf intervened in the matter to handle it peacefully. The event was widely reported in the print media.
The ISI will remain like that unless there is a mass level restructuring in it and a manifold increase in its research and analysis departments. Someone in the agency must understand that the SOP’s written decades ago are obsolete. He must also understand that mistakes are the best teachers if one vows not to repeat them and make a new mistake every time. You can’t learn from your mistakes if you refuse to accept them as mistakes.
Even if the attack on Hamid Mir was not done by the agency, the allegations leveled by the journalist has exposed the agency.

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  1. Its not a lawyer's take at all.. its more of your gut feeling, and I'm convinced that you aren't much of a lawyer either.. keep amusing!