Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The cruel mother outside Islamabad's Tehzeeb restuarant

Car parked under the sun is like an oven.
I had gone to Islamabad's Tehzeeb Restaurant to host a high tea today, after securing an acquittal for my client who had allegedly hacked to death his wife. The valet was putting a sleeping 7months old baby in car parked in the extreme sun. I started hurling abuses at him, telling him B.C. buchay ko maarna hai tundoor mai rukh kay. On my intervention he carried the baby's cradle under the shade. We kept standing there for good ten minutes. The mother arrived carrying a bouquet of flowers and chatting with her glittery friends. I felt like killing the bitch at the spot. She had sent the valet to put her adorable baby in the car parked outside the restaurant, while she was chatting with her friends.
Every summer, many children in warmer countries die because they are left in the cars parked in the sun during afternoons. Like a weapon, a car should also be parked in the house locked. A child from locality may like to hide in your car during long summers.

Here is what I will do if I spot children in a car during summer afternoon.
  1. I will tell them to come out of the car and stand under a shade.
  2. They should be ordered to drink plenty of liquid.
  3. If the car is locked or the kid is sleeping in it, the window glass, which is away from the child, should be broken in order to retrieve the sleeping kid

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  1. Solicitor, you should have given the woman a good dressing down. And a very good and valid observation. Thanks