Thursday, April 24, 2014

Mei Kong Rawalpindi trying to become food atlas of the world

I have been a frequent customer of Mei Kong restaurant in Rawalpindi. On every visit, my sub-editor instinct picks something amusing. Today's pick was that the restaurant changes the name of the dishes secretly and funnily.
I have been eating two specific dishes in their high tea. Today I found that they have secretly inserted the names of two countries in their names. Chicken chow mein had a new name, Chicken Thai chow mein and Chicken Zafrani Karahi was Chicken Zafrani Irani Karahi.

PS: Their high tea is highly recommended to people who may drop from Karachi someday.

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  1. You knew I was going to reads this! LOL. Yes we will go there whenever I come to Pindi. And please would love if we could go to Hadali as well.