Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Beating stress with green tea and exercise

Among the various interesting things on my work table, the steaming cup of green tea is new addition.
My work involves a lot of stress and anxiety. The stress often culminates into migraine. For those who are not familiar with the disease, it is a type of headache followed by pulled muscles in one’s shoulder and neck. Stress is the major cause of it among other factors such as noise and bright light. When you are stressed, your breathing gets shallow. You don’t breathe deep in the lungs.
The recent migraine attack incapacitated me for a week. I could not focus on anything. All I did was taking muscle relaxants and spending time in a dark room, while cursing myself for getting stressed.
After recovering, I have decided to bring down my exercise routine from the ceremonial level (making timetable for evening walk, wearing the track suit and going to the nearby park on my car) to a casual manner (wearing the joggers and going on a very exhausting walk anywhere nearby). If I don’t go on a walk, I force myself to wash and wax the car, which is quite an exhausting workout.
The green tea is also a natural remedy for fighting the stress. I keep on sipping it whenever I have a marathon session of reading, writing and thinking. I put one tea bag in a thermal flask and pour one liter of boiling water in it. The tea bag remains in the flask till the tea lasts.
You can serve the tea after five minutes of pouring the water in the flask. Previously, I used one tea bag for one cup, but realised that it was too strong, which killed the aroma and spoiled the taste. The more diluted it is, the better.
PS: My friend Nauman Afzal wrote about green tea on facebook a few days ago. It tempted me to re-experiment with green tea.

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