Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Winter carry rig

I carry a makarov (Baikal MP 442). I never thought I would buy a sub compact hangun. An encounter with highway robbers and a hot pursuit afterwords and a lot of sweaty palms during the drive, compelled me to replace my range gun with a makarov.

The gun is small enough to conceal on your body and powerful enough to thwart any threatening situation, provided that you don't forget that you are carrying a handgun.
In winter, when clothing is heavy, I prefer carrying the gun in an outside-the-waist-band belt holster. In summer, I carry the gun in an inside-the-waist-band holster.
I wanted to buy the holster from Shams Saddler, Rawalpindi, but their prices are on a very higher side. I consulted some friends, examined various designs on internet and get the holsters made on my specifications. The cost on these holsters was astonishingly low i.e. 300 PKR for the two. Here is me with my concealed carry gun.


  1. One for me please...How do I pay you? Easypaisa? Bank transfer or plain old Money order?

  2. I will make one for you as well. Its so easy. And mine is wet-moulded too.

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  4. Hamid, when did this happen and who were the attackers?