Saturday, November 30, 2013

Black widow call girl

Sumaira (name changed) was tall, fair, good looking lady having right proportions of fat stacked at right parts. When I met her, she was facing a trial in a murder case. Five years of jail had siphoned much of her beauty. As they say in Urdu, Khandarat bata rahe hain, k imarat haseen thi (ruins of the building speak about its past glory).
She had a car and looks of an extremely well off lady. She would trap young men driving in expensive cars on traffic lights. She would develop physical relations with them. She had a string of young lovers. She was a seductress of highest level, her lovers, not aware of existence of each other, showered money on her. Since her lovers were from rich families, she was renting four apartments in various parts of the city.
She enjoyed the wealth of her lovers so much that she abducted one for ransom. Ransom amount of Rs 3 million was paid, but the boy had died due to suffocation. He was being shifted from one house to another in a refrigerator. The boy panicked and died because of suffocation.
Her story and modus operandi was so cruel that I have even stopped checking out girls driving cars on traffic signals.


  1. You knew I was going to read this. You, you, you. Is it a deliberate attempt to entice me? ;-)

    1. hahahaha, I don't want you to be enticed with such a story. I could have written something more provocative to entice you.