Saturday, November 9, 2013

Quitting colas

I have been a coke guzzler throughout my college and university life. Not a day would go by, when I would not down 1.5 liters of cola. Since I was going in gym and would run long distances (8/9 kms in a day), the cola was unable to fatten me.
My father has been asking me to limit my intake but in vain. I would also listen to and read British food show host Nigella Lawson's post about the side effects of the drink. But watching Nigella has more to do with her beautiful curves than her sermons.
Recently, a person visited my office, seeking my services in a criminal case. He was nabbed by police and officials of Pepsi Co for refilling the Pepsi bottles with fake cola. The police also confiscated a truck load of fake drinks. The truck was all set to be distributed in Rawalpindi.
The effeminate mannered client told me details of the business. According to him, there are two reasons for flourishing of fake cola. Pepsi has never been able to meet the demand in peek season and they give a very low profit margin to the shopkeeper how sells their products. Pepsi gives Rs 20 to the shopkeeper for selling 24 bottles whereas the fake drink makers give profit from Rs 40 to Rs 60.
All the drinks and juices can be refilled except the tinned ones. The fake cola industry has not been able to refill tin cans.
After hearing the details of his factory environment, I have decided to say good bye to my favourite drink in otherwise dry country.

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