Thursday, September 19, 2013

Shifting to a new house in Gulraiz, Rawalpindi.

I was living in a rented house on the high court road, Rawalpindi for nearly an year, without any issue despite no water and lot of dust and tonnes of cobwebs. My mother visited the place and seriously rebuked me for living in a house like that.
I rented another house in the nearby housing society, Gulraiz. Gulraiz has everything except it being laden with flowers. Its a sprawling housing society with broken and dusty roads. Upper middle class is predominant here, so you can see as many cars moving on the roads and as many cars parked outside cash and carry shopping marts.
The first visitor in the house was a neighbouring aunty, who told my wife (who just arrived in the city) about the incidents of 7 thefts in the area during the past week. So everyday when I come home, I first have to convince my wife that the locality is safe enough to live in besides telling her that cockroaches, lizards and other such insects don't kill housewives (sometimes I wish they could do that:).

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  1. Gulraiz is pretty much a nice place for residence. It is as safer as any other society in rwp. Let's agree thefts are more ok than robberies. Which are more in practice in commercial areas. By the way - I 2nd you on your last wish. Tc. Coming form pakguns.