Friday, February 3, 2012

Memorable rain

It is drizzling here today. Whenever it rains and I reflect on my past, a particular rain stands out in my memory. It was drizzling and I was about to get out of my car in the parking of the session court in Jhelum. Two clients approached me. One was a man in his middle age whose pregnant wife was in jail and we wanted her released on bail.
The other client was a British-Pakistani woman. Her daughter had wrapped her arms around her mother's neck and was starring at some distant thing. The woman's husband was also in jail in a murder case. I felt sorry for the two. It took me five minutes to listen them and brief them. Meanwhile, the rain took pace. When I sat in my car, the music system was playing this song.
Every word from this song hit some chord in me. I am very bad at understanding songs, but the condition and saddened looks on the faces of the clients made me understand each word. The man's wife was released on bail. The woman's husband is still in jail. And that rainy day is etched in my memory.

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