Saturday, January 28, 2012

Maya Khan fired

Samaa television's morning show host Maya Khan has been fired. A hectic online campaign has forced the television channel management to fire her after she along with some bored housewives ‘raided’ a public park in Karachi and questioned couples about their marital status. The Pakistani online community condemned her actions. She tried to save her skin by halfheartedly apologising about her action. The people at large rejected her "smiling" and  "non serious" apology saying that she lacks the courage to admit her fault.


  1. I am glad TV is taking responsible action, that was stupid publicity trick by lady Maya,,, why not she go an look around her own house whats cooking there.

    1. yes she should first try to find out what her children are upto

  2. Hamid! I think its a good decision. This is high time that all the TV channels should fire those reporters/anchors who are playing in the hands of people with vested interests.

  3. @Jon Haider, I agree that there should be some sort of self-regulations for the media. If the channels can't fire such hosts/anchors, they should at least separate opinion from news. Nowadays you can't differentiate between opinion and news.

  4. Sama TV taken very wised step, people like Maya khan must know the ethics of journalism,