Sunday, February 12, 2012

Brigadier Ali to be court martialled

The Pakistani army is about to start court martial proceedings against Brigadier Ali Khan. The brigadier was alleged to have links with a banned organisation, the Hizbul Tehrir. He was arrested on May 6, 2011 from the premises of his office in GHQ.
The brigadier's arrest is the biggest and only achievement of the Pakistan army, who is fighting militants of banned organisations in tribal areas and Balochistan and at the same time battling with the American accusations that Pakistan army is in league with the insurgents of its liking aka Haqqani network. Perhaps, when the Pakistani army will start its much-desired dialogue with the banned outfits, it may use the connections and expertise of Brigadier Ali.

The second most daring achievement of the army "fighting the war on terror" is the arrest of one Dr Shakeel Afridi. The doctor is in custody of security agencies for his alleged role in tracking down Osama Bin Laden in Abottabad.
Lured by the US stick (mostly) and carrot (rarely) policy, the whole Pakistani establishment had vowed to track down the Al Qaeda chief. What the army and its intelligence agencies failed to do with unlimited resources, this daring doctor accomplished with a very few staff and a little budget. Instead of conferring some award on the doctor, he has been detained. We will never learn to appreciate our mentors. 

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