Friday, January 27, 2012

Open letter to Maya Khan

Dear Maya Khan.

We knew that you were not a pious lady. We were aware of your dull boring love life. We even knew the reason why boys did not look at you. Your desperation was justified, but we never knew that you would expose your desperation to the whole world.
You go to exclusive night clubs and shake your flab. You try hard to grab a boy but your other desperate friends compete and often win. You so much hated smart beautiful girls that you only befriend other fatties like you.
We were even aware that you feel very uncomfortable in your dresses because of your obesity. Remember, you always wore dresses with vertical strips to look a little less fat than you are. We tolerated your alleged attempts to dance when you try to shake your body parts.
Your fondness about sitting on tables having alcoholic beverages was also not a secret, but we kept quit. We wanted to share your picture wearing a white camisole under a see-through shirt, but we kept quit.
Your cleavage on many (upper class) functions was deeper than the cleavages of (lower and middle class) girls we found in parks, but we kept quite. Some of us (the rare breed of humans that like big beautiful women ) wanted to discuss your deep creamy cleavage on social networking sites but didn’t dare.
Despite of our respect towards your privacy, you violated ours. You chased us in the parks. We feel comfortable in the public parks as our hormones don’t force us to cross all limits unlike you who go out with boys in dark, shady places and get drunk and get lost.
We only holds hands in the park unlike you who hug males and do not miss any chance to flaunt your cleavage and feel other people’s hands on your ample flabby curves.
We visit the parks during day unlike you who go out at night. We spend nights with our families and mothers unlike you who return home during the early hours of morning after spending the night at a friend’s friend’s place whose name you even don’t know.
We always sleep in our beds, but you have slept in more bedrooms than you can count or remember.
Our girls who visit parks cover themselves enough not to get unnecessary attention from other people, but you would do anything to show more skin to catch a boy.
We go to the park as couples, but you go to parties desperately wanting to become a couple. The beverages we drink in the parks are easily readily available everywhere unlike the ones found on your table. And not to mention our dresses which we can wear everywhere unlike yours.
Dear Maya, we kept quite to protect your privacy but you didn’t reciprocate. You are one hypocrite desperate rejected girl. Your every move negates your earlier stance. Hence this open letter to you. Do not come to our parks again.

                                                                                                                              The BBW lover.

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