Thursday, August 18, 2011

Concealed carry weapons (CCW) in Pakistan

While browsing the internet, I came across this excellent article on how to carry a concealed weapon. The article has summed up the subject into five simple rules.

Your concealed weapon is for protection of life only: Don't be a bragger and a show-off. A concealed carry weapon (CCW) is never meant to be shown to people to deter them. Don't use it for any purpose other than saving your life or that of some innocent person.

Know exactly when you can use your weapon: Use your CCW only to avoid a deadly threat. The rule of thumb is that a criminal adversary must have ability, opportunity and the intent to cause you serious bodily harm. A brawl on traffic signal is not a threat PERIOD.

If you can run away safely, RUN, by all means: I know you want to kill some bad-ass hooligan with your Rs 50K CCW, but if you can avoid the bass-ass guy by just running away, run.

Display your weapon and go to jail: A CCW weapon is not for display. You have to carry it CONCEALED. If a citizen sees you totting a gun and trotting in his/her street, he/she is justified to tell the police about the 'armed intruder' in the street. In Pakistan, the police will always corner you for not having all documentation concerning conceal carry. So why give someone an opportunity to put you in trouble with law because you didn't have a carry permit.
Don't let your emotion to get best of you: A person with a CCW has to be more rationale, logical and cool minded. He should be able to speak yourself out of troubles and quarrels. You should avoid creating confrontations that may end up into violence. Your emotions - except fear - should never instigate you to draw your CCW.

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  1. Good article and an even better summation. And if you have to choose a CCW in Pakistan, go for a Taurus PT-709 Slim. Its the smallest of pistols in 9mm category. 7+1 shots, SA/DA, striker fired beauty. Slightly smaller than a Glock 19 and slightly bigger than a Luger LCP. Damage; around Rs 55K.