Sunday, August 14, 2011

Why autoloader and not o/u

I have a Russian autoloader (Baikal MP-153 or Remington SPR 453). I regularly shoot clays with it and sometimes go dove hunting. The gun has never let me down. I have observed the following reasons to prefer an autoloader over an over/under shotgun.

1. Less recoil: The recoil of an ordinary autoloader is and will always be less than that of an expensive over/under shotgun. No amount of advanced technology in an o/u shotgun can reduce the recoil which an autoloading shotgun naturally reduces by virtue of its cycling operation.

2. Single point of aim: The single point of impact (POI) is another great benefit of an autoloader. The shooter knows the point where all his shots are going to land. In an o/u there are two points of impact corresponding to a single point of aim (POA). A person shooting an o/u has to do a lot of calculation before placing the shot and a lot of analysis after missing the target. The autoloader gives you an ease as there is only one POI corresponding to the POA.

3. Adjusting shot volume: Shot volume is the ratio of pellets above and below the target. 60/40 shot volume means 60 percent of the pellets are above the target and 40 are below. You can adjust the shot volume of an autoloader to your desire (even to 100/0 in case of adjusting it for trap), but doing the same with an o/u is impossible because changing the shot volume of one barrel will disturb the shot volume of the other barrel.

4. POA is same as POI: In autoloaders, the POA is always the POI whereas in an o/u shotgun POA is not always the POI. In an over/under shotgun, each barrel has its own POI. A person shooting an o/u has to juggle with one POA and two POI.

5. Magazine capacity: Autoloader wins hands down. Some autoloaders have a magazine capacity of 11 cartridges.

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