Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ten reasons not to read columnist Javed Chaudhry.

1. Javed Chaudhry does not practice what he writes. He will never tell his readers how can an honest salaried person get two farmhouses in Islamabad.

2. He preaches a life full with contentment but never defines contentment.

3. All his articles start and end in a same tone.

4. Javed Chaudhry puts too much details on minor issues and skips detailing major issues.

5. He writes in favour of one person today and defames him the next day.

6. Most of Javed Chaudhry's articles make no sense as to what he is trying to convey. He bombards his readers with useless details, skipping the logic and forcing his conclusion on the poor readers.

7. His writing is devoid of logic. He practices the kind of logic where he says onion is eatable, apple is eatable, therefore onion is apple.

8. He writes short stories and call them columns.

9. He conceals the identity of characters in his short stories, which suggests that the characters are fictitious.

10. Javed Chaudhry gives more depression and less hope to his readers.

PS: These are my observations based on extensive reading of Chaudhry’s columns/shot stories and they may differ from your opinion. If you disagree with me, please leave your comment.


  1. AND he narrates fake stories as real. one day he emerged inventing the chess from sub-continent.

  2. most of the incident he referred did not happen in the history of mankind , and he would be telling you with name, date and place.

  3. He has created so much of wrong history in the minds of his readers.

  4. though i have outgrown Choudhry's columns and think he targets a particular mind of middle class, the only valid point you made is the first one and that too seemingly just accusation. Arsalan

  5. Cant agree more......

  6. Cudnt agree more about him... i really liked him at one point but then I heard him call Osama bin Laden a shaheed on tv and that was it for me...

  7. He has a strong leaning towards Taliban and Jihadis.

  8. This most sympathetic person on the earth is given the pick and drop service by the Punjab govt's official vehicle (1600CC at least) whenever required! Is there any rent-a-car department listed in papers?