Saturday, June 4, 2011

Budget and confused nation

People are least concerned with the budget. They have never been concerned with it. Special TV reports and newspaper supplements only seem to take this issue very seriously.
I can’t understand why the media wants people to expect too much from the budget. Pakistan is a poor country, whose expenses outdo its income. There are a few income sources of Pakistan and none of them is outstanding. We spend too much on our defence (Rs 491.9 billion) and too little on health and education, which shows the priority of the government.
The other confusion that the media has created among the minds of people is that Pakistan is full with natural resources and if utilised, these resources will change the face of Pakistan. The common man always questions why the government don’t utilise these resources. However, the media will always remain silent about the lack of human resource and technology to exploit these natural resources.
The Reqo Dik issue vanished from the scene after confusing the nation. The front-page headlines about Supreme Court’s (SC) suo moto action over the issue ended with a single column news, wherein the SC said it can’t interfere in it and the Balochistan government is competent to make deals with foreign companies to exploit the natural resources.
Now, no one is questioning the SC that why it, along with the media, created so much fuss over the issue, when the SC had to reach at this simple conclusion.

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